Traversy/Mack “The Message”

Tom Traversy and Pat McNinch are both veterans of the Canadian Forces and members of the Royal Canadian Legion.

In 2022, Tom approached Pat with a song he had written and asked Pat to put it to music. “The Message” was born.

Later, Tom came with another song entitled “The Homeless Soldier” and the process was repeated.

Both songs address the plight of military veterans and military families dealing with hardships, homelessness and P.T.S.D.

In 2023, a four song CD was produced by adding Ralph McTell’s “Streets Of London” and Gordon Lightfoot’s “Home From The Forest”. Tom and Pat made contact with Homes for Heroes Foundation and asked that they be allowed to sell the CD to raise funds for the foundation and to raise awareness of the plight of our country’s homeless veterans.

To date, their efforts have raised almost $10, 000 through CD sales, donations and presentations to Legion branches and Service Clubs.

A new CD of 10 songs will soon be released and Tom and Pat will continue to visit Legions and Service Clubs with a Power-point presentation from Homes for Heroes in an ongoing effort to help end the homelessness of our veterans.

The CD can be downloaded by making a donation to Homes For Heroes Foundation.